Report from City Council meeting on May 18th

As some of you know, the current operators of the Cerrito Theater had been having financial difficulties and the City Council met number of times to resolve this issue. Last night we had a fantastic turnout of supporters at the meeting. There were 75-80 supporters and standing room only. The theater operators Fischers and their staff were present.

All 30 speakers expressed support of the theater. They spoke of the dedication and sacrifice the Fischers brought to create an unique gem at the Cerrito Theater. Many voiced how much they loved the unique programming that Will “the Thrill” Viharo has brought to the Cerrito. All speakers wanted the theater to continue in the same way.

After the closed session, Redevelopment Agency Chair Bill Jones announced that the council was finalizing the termination of the Fischers’ lease with the city and taking steps to find a new operator. Tuesday morning, the Fischers announced they were suspending all operations until May 28th. What will happen after the 28th is uncertain.

As sad as we are at the current situation, we need to continue to remind the council of its pledge to keep the Cerrito Theater going in its present format. The Cerrito Theater is likely to be on the agenda (whether closed or open session) for every council meeting for the foreseeable future, and we need supporters at each meeting. We will keep you posted of any new developments.

The most effective thing you can do right now is to tell the council what you want for the Cerrito Theater.  You can do this by sending an email to the entire council, plus the city manager, by copying and pasting these addresses:,,,,,

Sandia Potter, Mayor

Janet Abelson, Mayor Pro Tem

Ann Cheng, Councilmember
Redevelopment Agency Vice Chair

William C. Jones III, Councilmember
Redevelopment Agency Chair

Greg Lyman, Councilmember

Scott Hanin, City Manager

In the meantime, welcome to our new website! The new version now supports RSS and comments. Please take a look around and let us know what you think!

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