2015 Academy Awards Party

Full House for Awards Bash!

Costume Contest Winners

Costume Contest Winners

Movie-lovers were lined up long before the doors opened for the 2015 Academy Awards bash on Sunday, February 22, at the Cerrito.

It was a festive night, with dressed-up party-goers, enjoying champagne or mimosas.

A little mystery added to the fun, as attendees were asked to figure out which Cerrito employee had committed a heinous crime.

Eric Bryant, suave bartender from Scene, kept things moving during commercial breaks with movie trivia contests, while crew-members passed delicious complimentary hors d’oeuvres, ending with a whipped lime-flavor confection for dessert.

There was a lot of competition for best-dressed, but the winners were decisive: a young couple who had created their own costumes drawn from “Grand Budapest Hotel.” They had spent several days putting the costumes together.

There was also a contest to see who could most accurately predict the winners in major categories. The winner correctly guessed eleven Oscars, with the runner-up getting ten Oscars correct.

An array of prizes was awarded, including bottles of wine, movie posters, and a $200 package from Albany Bowl.