City Centennial Celebration

2017 was the centennial year for the city of El Cerrito. On September 14 the Friends of the Cerrito Theater and the El Cerrito Historical Society co-hosted an event honoring both the centennial and the 80th anniversary of the original opening of the theater. The party had a thirties theme, and included live period music by the group Leftover Dreams. Two period cars were parked in front of the theater: a 1937 Oldsmobile and a 1938 Packard. Many people were dressed in period clothing. There was a special slide show depicting scenes from El Cerrito’s history, and there was recorded music from the year 1937 played in the theater. The movie (from 1937, the year the theater first opened) was “The Awful Truth” starring Cary Grant and Irene Dunn.

Here are some pictures from that night:

Michael DeWitt - 20170914_184936

Dave Weinstein - Awful Truth sold out

Leftover Dreams, featuring Tony Marcus and Patrice Haan

Dave Weinstein - Leftover Dreams (4)

Dave Weinstein - Leftover Dreams (5)

People listening to Leftover Dreams

Dave Weinstein - Listening

1938 Packard Six

Dave Weinstein - Packard Six, 1938 (2)

1937 Oldsmobile, lovingly presented by Theresa Laquey

Dave Weinstein - Theresa Laquey, 37 Olds, Centennial (2)

More of the 1937 Oldsmobile

Michael DeWitt - 20170914_182716

Michael DeWitt - 20170914_182852

John Tinloy and Michelle Fadelli

Dave Weinstein - John Tinloy, Michelle Fadelli volunteer coordinator

People in period clothing

Dave Weinstein - Well dressed couple

Dave Weinstein - Robin Cawelti, Theresa Laquey and

Theresa Laquey’s dachsund pins

Dave Weinstein - Theresa Laquey daschund pins

Linda Moss and Dave Weinstein of the Friends of the Cerrito Theater, and Melissa Hatheway of Rialto Cinemas


Oriene Weeks, former usherette for the Cerrito Theater

Dave Weinstein - Oriene Weeks, former usherette

Charles Rosenthal, projectionist, heads for the booth

Dave Weinstein - Charles Rosenthal heads to projection booth

Historical slide show

Dave Weinstein - Historic slide show by Michael DeWitt

Dave Weinstein - Historic slide show (2)

Joanne Taylor, emcee for the night

Dave Weinstein - MC Joanne Taylor (1)

Fashion show on stage

Dave Weinstein - Fashion on stage (4)

Dave Weinstein - Fashion on stage (3)