What’s the latest with the Cerrito?

On Thursday, Speakeasy Theater announced that it plans to cease operating the Cerrito Theater and will help find and train a new operator for our beloved, historic theater. No closure date was announced and it is hoped that a new operator will be found, ensuring a smooth transition that avoids the theater going dark.

In the meantime, the theater remains open for business every day except Mondays and Tuesdays. Please continue to enjoy this fine neighborhood theater.

Friends of the Cerrito Theater is deeply sorry to see Speakeasy go. Principals Kyle and Catherine Fischer have dedicated years of their life to this theater. They brought to El Cerrito a concept – pizza theater – that has proven popular, and in so doing, they returned the long-empty Cerrito to life.

We wish them well in all future endeavors!

We also wish the best for all the Cerrito staff during a transition to a new operator and hope they will all continue with us. These are the people who have made the Cerrito such a friendly place. They have become part of our community, and we owe them a lot.

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