“Pretty in Pink” (1986) at the Cerrito on Thursday, February 14, at 7:00.

Retro-80s Valentine’s Event: “Pretty in Pink” at the Cerrito on Thursday, February 14 at 7:00

John Hughes defined teen films in the 1980s: from the fun-loving hijinks of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” (1986), to the angsty misfits turned unlikely-community in “The Breakfast Club” (1985), to the awkward and endearing teen rom-com of “Pretty in Pink” (1986).

Molly Ringwald (also of “The Breakfast Club” and “Sixteen Candles”) stars as Andie, the misfit, artsy, intelligent girl from the “wrong side of the tracks,” who develops a very unlikely romantic relationship with the upper-class Blane, played by Andrew McCarthy. As their budding relationship develops, these two must navigate not just the inevitable issues class and economic divide and of typical teen angst, but also the influences of their dubious friends: most notably Blane’s closest friend Steff (James Spader), and Annie’s love-struck, and eternally endearing, childhood friend Duckie (Jon Cryer).

This film also gives us other great in-depth characters with Harry Dean Stanton portraying Annie’s out-of-work father, and Annie Potts as the youthful, punky record store owner.

The movie scores very high on Rolling Stone’s list of “Greatest Soundtracks of All Time,” including tracks by The Smiths, INXS, and Otis Redding with “Try A Little Tenderness.”

“Pretty in Pink” strikes a human chord across all age groups—and does it enjoyably.

“Pretty in Pink” plays once only on Thursday, February 14 at 7:00 p.m. Moviegoers are strongly advised to buy advance tickets at the box office or online. All seats are $9.50. Arriving early is a good idea, in order to choose your seat and also order delicious food and wine or beer.


There are so many temptations at Scene, such as flatbread pizzas, a charcuterie and cheese sampler, baked sandwiches, “bites,” salads, desserts, and much more. You can enjoy them there, or have them brought to your seat while you watch the movie. The atmospheric food/wine bar is a fun and friendly place to hang out, with special wines and beers available. Check it out!

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