Important news about Cerrito Classics

Disappointing news about Cerrito Classics

Cerrito Classics must go on hiatus for a few months, but as Arnold says, “We’ll be back!”

Look for us in September…but we’ll be keeping in touch regularly before then.

What happened? As you know, Cerrito Classics are shown by the Friends of the Cerrito Theater, under the auspices of Rialto Cinemas, which operates the Cerrito. Rialto operates as a first-run theater, with special showings of filmed productions of London plays, as well as films about famous artists.

Rialto has contracts with major studios, which are able to enforce the number of showings for their current movies. While the plays and art films are exempt from these studio rules, additional programs such as Cerrito Classics are not.

With the summer 2015 blockbuster season approaching, some of the studios are enforcing their contracts, and demanding that they be able to have the maximum number of showings of their new movies. Thus the cancellation of Cerrito Classics for May through August 2015.

Rialto made this step reluctantly, as they have been great supporters of the Cerrito Classics, which are very popular with the community. The Classic for this month, for example, “A Shadow of a Doubt,” played to a sold-out house.

What’s ahead for Cerrito Classics? Rialto management has suggested that the Friends of the Cerrito Theater submit a Classics program for September 2015 through February 2016. So, keep your calendar open for another wonderful Cerrito Classic on Thursday, September 10.

How to keep entertained during the summer? We know you love the Classic movies, and there are other worthy movies showing around the East Bay to get your Classic movie fix. We’ll try to keep you up to date on some especially good ones.

“Rear Window” at the Paramount Oakland on Friday, April 24. You just can’t miss with this combo. Another outstanding Hitchcock film, in the stunningly beautiful Paramount Theater, preceded by live organ music. All for only $5.00.

“The Sound of Music” on Sunday, April 19 and Wednesday, April 22 at Hilltop Century 16 in Richmond. A true Classic. Cinemark offers a regular schedule of classic films, which is well worth checking out.

“Tootsie” on Sunday, April 26 and Wednesday, April 29 at Hilltop Century 21 at Hilltop Century 16 in Richmond. Another fabulously entertaining movie, with Dustin Hoffman in high heels and a fancy gown. Also presented by Cinemark.