Escape from Alcatraz, June 9, 6:30pm

“Escape from Alcatraz,” shows the real-life story of three desperate criminals, who attempted possibly the only successful escape from “The Rock,” the ultimate prison fortress. Clint Eastwood portrays life prisoner Frank Morris, who in 1962, along with two other lifers, brothers John and Clarence Anglin, used incredible daring and ingenuity to attempt escape from the prison housing the most dangerous criminals in America.

Alcatraz was closed as a prison a year after the escape attempt.

Probably the most realistic prison-break film ever made, directed by Don Siegel, who went on to direct Eastwood as “Dirty Harry,”the movie also features Patrick McGoohan as the vindictive warden, as well as the film debut of Danny Glover.

Film starts at 6:30 pm Thursday, June 9. All seats are $8. Get to the Classics early as they are popular — or buy tickets in advance (see right column on the Rialto website). The Thursday evening Classics are very popular, so you may want to buy your ticket in advance at the box office or online. Getting to the theater early is always a good idea–for a choice of seating and to order food and drinks.