Play it Again, Sam – April 14, 7:15 pm

You won’t want to miss Woody Allen’s  homage to Humphrey Bogart wrapped into a romantic comedy, including the first pairing with the scintillating Diane Keaton.

Woody is a film buff living in San Francisco,  enmeshed in romantic trials & tribulations, and obsessed with his hero, Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) in “Casablanca.”  As Woody attempts to  grapple with his chaotic love life, Bogie appears to him as an alter ego, giving  tips on how best to treat women.  Needless to say, the results are hilarious.

It’s all here–the fight for love & glory–Woody-style, and you’re in “Casablanca” with him.

Film starts at 7:15 pm Thursday, April 14. All seats are $8.

Get to the Classics early as they are popular — or buy tickets in advance (see right column on the Rialto website). The Thursday evening Classics are very popular, so you may want to buy your ticket in advance at the box office or online. Getting to the theater early is always a good idea–for a choice of seating and to order food and drinks.