Save The Castro Theatre in San Francisco!

castro_resizeDear Cerrito Theater Patron:

Our friend Ky Boyd, who owns and operates Rialto Cinemas Cerrito, is asking for support to save the Castro Theater. We are forwarding his letter, here:

As the operator of two classic movie theatres in the East Bay, Rialto Cinemas understands the importance of preserving and maintaining classic movie theatres as viable venues for moviegoing. We are greatly concerned by the plans of Another Planet Entertainment to remove the seats from the Castro Theatre in San Francisco and destroy the seating rake in order to create flat floored tiers for dancing and standing. APE claims that the changes are necessary for them to profitably operate the venue for concerts and live music similar to their Fox Theatre venue in Oakland. But there are many venues around the country that present concerts and show films that have traditional sloped rakes and installed seating. Just look to the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, the Flynn in Burlington Vermont, the Chicago Theatre on State Street in Chicago, the Fabulous Fox in St. Louis, the Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville, the Majestic in San Antonio, the Orpheum in Los Angeles, and the Beacon in New York City. All these theatres have installed seating and successfully present first class music entertainment. Don’t let APE destroy the Castro’s ability to continue to be a film venue in addition to a concert venue.

The Castro Theatre is a national treasure, the pride of San Francisco, and a monument for the LBGTQ+ community.

Many festivals, film and others, use the Castro Theatre throughout the year. These celebrations bring thousands of people to the neighborhood where they patronize locally owned restaurants and retail shops between films throughout the day.

The Castro is the only large theater (1407 seats) left in San Francisco capable of projecting movies but there are many concert venues with flat floors (The Independent, Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, The Warfield, Fillmore, Regency, etc).

I urge you to take action to let it be known how important it is to save the seats at the Castro.

Please go to Save The Castro Theatre where you can take action. There you will find a template letter (though personalizing it is better) and people you can write to. You do not have to live in San Francisco to help.

“On October 5, the Historic Preservation Commission will consider updating the Castro Theatre’s Landmark Designation and will decide whether APE’s plans for the theatre adversely impact its historic significance, in view of that updated Landmarking. On October 6, the San Francisco Planning Commission will consider amending the Planning Code to permit the sale of alcohol throughout the theatre and a “change of use” of the building from a movie theatre to a nighttime entertainment venue.”

Write now to make an impact. These meetings are only a few weeks away.

Thank you for your support!

See you at the movies!

Best regards,