“She Done Him Wrong” (1933) at the Cerrito on Thursday, February 17, at 7:00

Come up and see Mae West, and Cary Grant, too, at the Cerrito on Thursday, February 17, at 7:00

Decades before Marilyn Monroe, the ruling blond bombshell was Mae West, who wrote and performed on Broadway the 1928 hit scandalous play, “Diamond Lil.”

Adapting “Diamond Lil” to the screen was the next logical step, but censors balked at its sexiness. However, with a new title, “She Done Him Wrong,” and the plot somewhat softened, a way was found to bring West to the big screen. She brought her gift for double entendres to the movie, and anything left to the imagination was filled in with West’s uninhibited body language. West brought a new kind of humor to the movies.

But it was West’s decision to cast a newcomer as her main romantic interest which cast a palpable glow over a somewhat sordid story. Young Englishman Cary Grant had played in a few movies but hadn’t shown his talents, despite being stunningly handsome.

The combination was perfect; the movie was a big success, and the studio quickly followed up with another movie starring Mae West and Cary Grant, “I’m No Angel,” also a major hit.

In a few years, Grant developed his own unique style, becoming a true Hollywood icon and remaining so for decades.

Set in the seamy Bowery in 1890’s, West plays Lady Lou, a bawdy singer and hostess at a saloon. There are nefarious goings-on at the saloon, possibly counterfeiting and even prostitution.

Next door to the saloon is a mission, to save souls and help the down-and-out, and its Captain is played by none other than Cary Grant. Lou is drawn to the Captain—who wouldn’t be?—but he is able to resist her advances. Because…well, come see the movie and see why that is, and what the surprise ending is…You won’t be disappointed.

“She Done Him Wrong” will play only once at the Cerrito, on Thursday, February 17, at 7:00 p.m. Moviegoers are strongly advised to buy advance tickets at the box office or online, as the movie may sell out. All seats are $9.50. Arriving early is a good idea, in order to choose your seat and also order delicious food and wine or beer.

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