John Ford’s “The Searchers” is the May Classic on May 10th, 7pm

The Searchers.” One of the greatest films by director John Ford, which means one of the greatest films ever, “The Searchers” (1959) tells a harrowing tale about obsession and racial hatred. The villain-hero is John Wayne, working for the director who best used his talents. His co-star is a young Natalie Wood, whose fate is in his hands. “Wayne is fascinating for his sheer hardness,” the New York Times wrote of this film. “There’s no kindness in his nature – he is crafty and arrogant and his eyes are cold as ice.” John Ford is a superb film technician, focusing on each shot, each angle, each camera movement. But what make his films so moving is their emotional honesty and the integrity of his storytelling. “The Searchers” is as much melodrama as western. If Ford had shot it in Los Angeles instead of Monument Valley it would be a classic of film noir.

The showing is on Thursday, May 10, at 7pm. All seats are $8. Getting to the theater early is always a good idea–for a choice of seating and to order freshly-made food and drinks. You are strongly advised to buy tickets in advance at the box office or online