A Classic: “Metropolis,” fully-restored 1927 sci-fi masterpiece by Fritz Lang, March 8, 7pm

Now that “The Artist” has introduced us to the glories of Silent Movies, it’s time to experience the real thing. Cerrito Classics brings you “Metropolis,” the fully-restored 1927 sci-fi masterpiece by Fritz Lang.  Don’t miss it!

Film critic Peter Bradshaw describes it thus:

One of the biggest, strangest, maddest films in cinema history returns, with missing footage restored: a textual enlargement that of course explains nothing about the film, and just makes it bigger, stranger and madder than ever. Fritz Lang’s 1927 film is a crazed futurist epic, a mythic sprawl with something of Jung and Wagner, and dystopian nightmare about a city-state built on slave labour, whose prosperity depends on suppressing a mutinous underground race whose insurrectionist rage is beginning to bubble. Metropolis predicts the ideologies of class and race of the 20th century.

The showing is on Thursday, March 8th, at 7pm. All seats are $8. Getting to the theater early is always a good idea–for a choice of seating and to order freshly-made food and drinks. You are strongly advised to buy tickets in advance at the box office or online.